Thursday, December 30, 2004

Don't Let Lia ZAP You

Lia is a super nerd. I let her Zap me today...ooh that sounds somewhat saucy. Remember when we were in like 4th grade and you would let someone right ZAP and a time on your hand and then right someone's name (preferably a boy's name) on your palm, and then you had to wait until said time to look at your palm otherwise you have to ask that person out? Yeah, well Lia is a nerd. This is who she Zapped me with:

The wild and untamed thing:
Paula, the 40 year old lunchperson of an unspecifified gender.

Okay, now that that's over, I'm so excited! First, I'm not working a double on New Years Day, so my mom is letting me go to Lia's thing and then on Sunday morning, I'm getting my car stereo installed...I'm getting a f***ing Kenwood...I'm stoked! Yes, I realize that I just said stoked. Now I must go to Kroger to get my daddy a dessert.

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