Wednesday, August 25, 2004

what not to do on a 4-wheeler

I'm such a dick. I went camping with my dad last week, and all went well until we rented 2 4-wheelers. Bad idea. So, 20 minutes after I get on mine, I find a way to crash it into a tree. And break it...$250.00 worth of damage and some beautiful bruises to accompany it. What happened was, I was going 10 mph down a hill, and I got pulled into some deep sand and I couldn't find the break, and CRUNCH!!! I hit the tree and fly about 10 feet into a patch of moss surrounded by a whole lotta wood. Then I crawled from the woods onto the path that my dad and I were on, so he would see me when he came looking for me, because I wasn't behind him anymore. I was so upset, not because I was hurt, but because my dad had to pay for the damage. I'm a dork. At some point, I'll post some pictures of both the bruises and the tree...its that good.

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