Saturday, August 14, 2004

Well, its been 5 whole days since my last post, though I really wouldn't call that one a post. I'm so excited, I'm going up north with my dad Tuesday night and we're gonna do a whole bunch of fun stuff, we're gonna go 4-wheeling, parasailing, horseback riding and possibly jet skiing...but don't tell my mom, she only knows that we're going up north, so if anyone leaks this information to her, I will personally kill you. On a less violent note, I've discovered that my mom's fried chicken is unbelievably good when it is cold. Speaking of fried chicken, I came home from Blockbuster on Thursday to find Cat and Chris in my kitchen, my mom in the garage and Chris frying the was a very strange scene. He's such a domestic! Oh, and I'm very mad at the sewer pipes that are in front of every house on my street right now, for undisclosed reasons...yet another thing my parents can't find out. Oh, I saw The Princess Diaries 2 the other day with Lia and Nicole, it was pretty good, but the floor was really sticky. Oh, one of my favorite residents died the other day, damn it, we aren't supposed to get attached. I'm doing my summer calculus homework right now...I could really use a good game of tourettes. Umm...I don't think that there's really anything else to cover, I just know that y'all are on the edge of your seat anyways.

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