Friday, August 27, 2004


I'm so obsessed with the word fjord right now, and I don't know why. Yes, its an actual word...its a narrow inlet from the sea, usually bounded by cliffs. Oh, and if you don't think i'm crazy already, it came to me in a dream. So anyways, I'm the new manager for the swim team, I'm so happy! That team is like my second family...well most of them anyways. I've found new and interesting ways to be an idiot, the most recent was yesterday. I was out school shopping, so I picked up Braveheart for my dad's birthday tomorrow, then when I got home, I set it on the table and went to work. Guess who found it? DADDY!! Was it really that hard to figure out? I feel like I should get him something else now. Damn. Okay, I'm gonna get off the compute before I start taking my aggression out on the keyboard. I'll just watch some sweaty guys play volleyball.

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