Thursday, May 27, 2004

i'm baaaaaaaaack

Okay...I think I'm done with my blogging hiatus. I don't know if I'm gonna do quotes anymore because that's a lot of typing and I don't have a whole lotta time. I might do a couple of quotes from work because the crazy old people say some pretty weird shit. I'm so sad, the seniors are leaving tomorrow, last year was one thing when they left, I knew like two of them, but this year half of my friends are seniors! Here's the top ten things I hate about my job:

1. Paula -- she's this evil 19 year old who thinks she's a 40 year old lunch lady.
2. Mopping
3. Touching food that has been in other people's mouths
4. Getting mashed potatoes on my eyebrows
5. Mopping
6. The smell of the coolers
7. Diana -- she's a supervisor, basically if Hitler had a kid -- fine, she's not that bad, she just really likes following people around with clipboards
8. Mopping
9. Tapioca pudding
10. Mopping

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