Tuesday, April 15, 2008

If my life were any busier, I think I would explode

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Okay, so I have had no time at all to blog, but I would have to agree that it was pretty pathetic that Bean had to find out about how amazing I was in the drag show from Cat's blog. Anyways, it is pride week at Central, and as the new Co-President of the GSA, I have a lot to do... As soon as someone gets me some photos from the drag show, I'll post them here. But until then, you must wait :)

I was contemplating skipping my last class of the day, ASL, since it is pointless to go anymore... and because I have so much to do, but I guess I'll go on the off chance that we actually learn something today. Then I have BioLife... which I pretty much do to relax anymore, because its just me and my iPod. I usually end up watching a movie or something on it, so it is quite a nice break from the day.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, we're having a Banquet for Pride Week, followed by a Formal. I have a pretty dress. Don't tell mom I bought one ;) Butttt I planned for it in my budget for the semester and I'm sewing the wrap/sash thing myself so its cheap. I need to learn how to use a sewing machine this summer, I really want to be able to sew my own stuff, I think I could be really good at it, especially since all I do anymore when I am bored is drawing dresses in the margins of my notebooks and on napkins. I'm such a girl that it hurts. Also, I want to incorporate recycled materials into making stuff... because I'm kinda green :).

Okay, I guess this is it for today, I have to pretend to be paying attention to the movie we're watching in class today.


Anonymous said...

YOU ARE SUCH A GIRL. That apple fell VERY far from the tree, like in the next continent. Maybe you're spending too much time with NANA.

Love you honey,

Anonymous said...

And what, pray tell, would happen if your mother found out you bought a dresser?

A DRESS?????????
You look fab in a dress!

No more days with Nana. Period.