Sunday, November 7, 2004

yeah girls swim team!

I'd just like to take this time to say how proud I am of the girls swim team, they are both dual meet champions and MAC Blue champions. Oh, and Cat got 4th in the 200 Free, 3rd in the 100 Fly, and 1st in both of her relays. Yay! I was so proud of this team that I cried when the score was read. Yes, you read right...Sam cried...infront of people! OMG, the sleepover at the pool was a lot of fun, too. We swam for hours and played with the resistance rubberband things. Oh, and we went onto the roof, where I was attached to Cat via elbow...I don't know what persuaded me to go onto the roof...I'm DEATHLY afraid of heights...I can go up the ladder to get to the roof, however, going down is just a little too scary pour moi. We also went into the tunnel that goes somewhat around the pool...that was rather scary the first time, but after that, it wasn't so bad, it was dustier than shit though.

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