Saturday, September 4, 2004

they love me...they really love me

Oh Peter, Paul and Mary! My mom and dad got me a car for my birthday! Well, I paid for half of it...but that's besides the point. I got a Midnight Blue 92 Ford Explorer. I did almost the same exact thing that Cat did when my mom told her we weren't moving **giggles**. And they got me a $50 Target card. This is the best birthday I've ever had. Cat got me Peter Pan on dvd...she really knows me. Lia got me an Italian Dictionary (Yay!!!) and the book As Luck Would Have It. Oh, and my grandma took me book shopping. Here's something funny: after paying for the car, I have $13.42 left in my bank account. I forgot to tell y'all about what Cat and Sarah did, on Thursday, I rode with them to the pool, and they dropped me off because Sarah had to get a "personal item". So they come back ten minutes later with a bouquet of balloons (which later flew out of my no fault of my own) and the whole swim team sang for me. Then Cat and Lia and I went out to Applebee's because I felt like an idiot for sitting at home with my parents on my 17th birthday, and the Applebee's people embarrassed the shit out of me (okay, bad image). But I got a sundae out of the deal. Then we went shopping for underwear for the underwear chain. More on that tomorrow. I've gotta go make the house immaculately clean for my mom's surprise party tomorrow. Love y'all. (Once again, stop using y'all)

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